legos and shoes

Legos and shoes. What do they have common? I hate organizing them! There’s no perfect or easy solution, no matter what! Legos- organize by color, type, or collection? What containers are best – one unit with multiple drawers or individual bins? Where do you store them? What do you do with the completed sets? Destroy them afterwards? Keep them on display forever? On shelving, dressers or desks? Seriously! THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY! Shoes – same thing! Organize them by color or style? Men’s shoes and women’s boots are oversized – what about those? They take up more space! Do you line them up on a shelf, box them or throw them in a bin? ARGH!!! I’ve yet to see a house built with ideal shoe storage and creating it can often be tricky with small, odd shaped or just overstuffed closets. Do you keep shoes inside or outside? Seriously! If only we all had a few pairs of shoes and never started a Lego collection, I’d be more sane!Shoes3 Shoes4 Shoes5 Shoes6 Shoes7 Shoes8 Shoes9 Shoes10 Shoes11 Shoes12 Shoes13 Shoes14 Shoes15 Shoes1 Shoes2 Lego Storage Lego Storage2 Lego Storage3 Lego Storage4


SelfiePhotos are often left in storage – either in a box or on the computer. No one gets to enjoy them tucked away. So, now that selfies are all the rage, take them, blow them up, and create a beautifully organized wall of your favorites! They will make you and your guests smile! Thanks Tatertots & Jello!

organize your thoughts

One of the hottest home trends is chalkboards. For adults and children alike, chalkboards help organize your thoughts and allow you to express your creativity. Where are you going to put yours?      8827403_ymgSMTV0_bChalk5 Chalk4 Chalk3 Chalk2 Chalk1 Homework Station2

books, books and more books

If you are a parent, your child no doubt has a big collection of books. While a good rule of thumb is one in, one out, when it comes to children’s books, this shouldn’t always apply. 1 in 5 adults are illiterate. Reading is one of the most basic skills we can teach our children. Developing a love for reading early in life will carry through into adulthood. So, carve out or create bookspace wherever possible!  Books1 Books2 Books3 Books4 Books5 Books6 Books7 Books8

i love gumball machines

Gum1 Gum2 Gum3 Gum4 Gum5 Gumball Machine1Gumball machines can be a fun way to store items at home or at work. Think of all the cool items you could fill them with. Be creative with your storage!


Pegboards are super functional for storing all kinds of stuff – jewelry, belts, hats, makeup, towels, garden tools, books, toys, kitchen tools, dog leashes, keys, etc. The uses are unlimited! But, no one wants plain white pegboard on their home walls. Paint, stencils, frames and some creativity can turn plain pegboard into a beautiful display. Hooks and bins can easily be attached for all your stuff,  for any room in the home.

Pegboard Frame Painted Pegboard Pegboard Dog Pegboard Headboard PegboardGarage Pegboard Pegboard Background Pegboard Work Space


why are you keeping it?

We keep things because it’s hard to let go. Sometimes there’s guilt about tossing or donating an item. Maybe it was an expensive purchase? Or, a gift? Ask yourself – Do I love it? Do I use it? Is it beautiful? Does it serve a purpose? One client’s vision was having a home that resembled a luxury hotel suite. This became my key question as we made our way through the stuff. “Does this belong in a luxury hotel suite?” Find your key questions and ask yourself them with every item you touch in your home. As you begin letting go, it will get easier. You can do it! And, your rewards will be endless!    


I failed in one area last year. Blogging. I just didn’t do it. Facebook made spreading my word easier and quicker. Let’s face it – if a goal isn’t simple, it’s hard to meet. However, 2013 is a new year! I am dedicated to blogging at least 1x a month. I think that’s manageable! What are your new manageable goals?




“When will you get to it?” “Someday!” Put a date on it and make it happen!


According to Wikipedia, procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority or important actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one brings enjoyment, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time. Psychology Today estimates 20 percent of people chronically avoid difficult tasks and deliberately look for distractions.

Do you put off organizing? If so, why? Do you feel overwhelmed? Not know where or how to start? Does it make you anxious, nervous or upset?  

I often compare professional organizing to personal training. Sometimes to get the job done, you just need the support of another. To guide you. Walk you through it. Show you the ways. Make it fun. Whether you call on a buddy or need a professional organizer, commit to making organizing a priority. There are oh so many benefits! :)